2017 TES Annual Meeting Call for abstract - Submission deadline is extended to November 13 , 2017

  • 2017-09-04
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2017 Taiwan Endometriosis Society Annual Meeting will be held on Dec. 10 at Taipei International Convention Center, ​welcomes the submission of abstracts.​
                                                              Submit your abstract for the
                                2017 Taiwan Endometriosis Society Annual Meeting


Submit an abstract of up to 350 words for poster presentation during the 2017 Taiwan Endometriosis Society Annual Meeting.

Abstract topics include:


1.     New pathogenesis: Epigenetics and stem cell      


2.     Aspects of immune and inflammatory reaction

3.     Malignant transformation: Basic aspects

4.     Basic research on adenomyosis

5.     Angiogenesis

6.     Drug Treatment

7.     Recurrence of endometriosis

8.     Infertility and ovarian reserve

9.     Pregnancy outcome/complication

10.  Challenging treatment for adenomyosis

11.  Adolescent endometriosis

12.  Controversies in surgery for endometriosis

13.  Others

                      Abstract Submission deadline is extended to November 13 , 2017



*Important Information*

Only registered participants will be able to submit an abstract as an email attachment in the Microsoft Word format to: endometriosis.tw@gmail.com

Registration for the annual meeting please contact TES Secretariat.


*Poster Award*

Poster presentations:

Poster must be put up on the appropriate boards and must be left in place for the entire meeting. Three of the posters will be chosen by the Scientific Committee, and top 3 places will be decided after their oral presentation (15mins/ each).

First Prize: $10,000

Second Prize: $7,500

Third Prize: $5,000


For an abstract to be considered for poster award, the awards will be announced and the recipients will be recognized during the Closing Ceremony at the Taiwan Endometriosis Society Annual Meeting on December 10th, 2017.


If you have any questions, please contact the Conference Secretariat at endometriosis.tw@gmail.com



Best wishes,



2017 TES Secretariat

E-mail: endometriosis.tw@gmail.com