Thank you for attending the Taiwan Endometriosis Society 2017 International Symposium

  • 2017-08-02
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Dear all,
Thank you so much for attending Taiwan Endometriosis Society 2017 International Symposium in Grand Hyatt Taipei in July 30, 2017. We are proud to have been able to bring together some of the top researchers, clinicians and students to join us to the symposium. Please see the following link for conference photo.

And finally, make sure you mark your calendars for the annual meeting of TES in 10th December, 2017 in Taipei International Convention Center.
Thank you again for being part of such a wonderful conference experience. There is nothing more powerful than when we come along together. We are so happy to have you as part of the Taiwan Endometriosis Society.
Warmest regards,
Chii-Ruey Tzeng, M.D., M.P.H
President of the Taiwan Endometriosis Society