The 11th Congress of the Pacific Society for Reproductive Medicine (PSRM2017)

  • 2017-08-10
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DateOctober 14 (Sat.) - 15 (Sun.), 2017
VenueOsaka International Convention Center, Osaka, Japan

Nowadays the patients who are suffering from infertility have increased in the world. Especially we have the patients with recurrent failures. It may be due to many sorts of factors such as detrimental environmental elements of air and water. Stress would be another also main factor to be discussed in the days of complicated society construction.

Therefore, the strategy for modern and effective measures to be taken against the infertility should be broad and powerful.

On the other hand, about six million babies were born by assisted reproductive technologies and those babies contribute to the raising population in some countries with low birth rates. Thus, the field of reproductive medicine is socially important in the world.

Reproductive technologies have been remarkably developed since the first IVF success. However, the success rates remain low compared with treatments of other field of medicine. We should exchange our knowledge and make progress in the reproductive medicine for the patients who are struggling with infertility.

This upcoming meeting will broadly cover innovative technologies, basic biological science and social issues. I welcome everyone from all over the world to join.