World Congress on Endometriosis - WCE2021 - Don't miss it

  • 2021-02-01
  • TES
Dear Colleagues
Greetings for 2021.
Please could I ask that you distribute the following info about the World Congress on Endometriosis to your members/fellows/associates/colleagues - taking place just 6 weeks hence.  WCE2021 is the world congress that was rescheduled from 2021 - it happens only every 3 years at the best of times, so those interested in endometriosis will be eager, I'm sure, to join.  We include patients, researchers, pure scientists, allied professionals and clinicians - it's the perfect multidisciplinary fusion as many of you will know - with our patients at the helm.
It's crucial that we have a great meeting for the health of the World Endometriosis Society for the future - and in fact this promises to be the best meeting in endometriosis and adenomyosis ever held, with all the very best research in this field within the last 4 years being presented.  WCE2021 is a virtual congress not to be missed!
Our link to the description of ~50 hours of outstanding content
If you could facilitate us in our endeavour to LET THE SCIENCE SPEAK ...
we'd be so grateful.
Warmest regards,
Neil Johnson
Professor of Reproductive Health, Robinson Research Institute, Adelaide
Gynaecologist and REI Subspecialist, Auckland Gynaecology Group and Repromed Auckland
NZ Representative to ASPIRE 
President, World Endometriosis Society

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