2018-2019 Article

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研究焦点 Associations between a single nucleotide polymorphism of stress-induced phosphoprotein 1 and endometriosis/adenomyosis 873
研究焦点 Positive associations between upregulated levels of stress-induced phosphoprotein 1 and matrix metalloproteinase-9 in endometriosis/adenomyosis 997
研究焦点 Mitochondrial translocation of estrogen receptor β affords resistance to oxidative insult-induced apoptosis and contributes to the pathogenesis of endometriosis 873
研究焦点 Notch-1 Signaling Activation and Progesterone Receptor Expression in Ectopic Lesions of Women With Endometriosis 665
研究焦点 Critical factors involved in chronic inflammation in the pathophysiology of endometriosis 622
研究焦点 Induction of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase 1 by Hypoxia Alters Cellular Metabolism and Inhibits Apoptosis in Endometriotic Stromal Cells 630
研究焦点 Suppression of COUP-TFII upregulates angiogenin and promotes angiogenesis in endometriosis 695
研究焦点 Hypoxia: The force of endometriosis 387
研究焦点 Targeting anthrax toxin receptor 2 ameliorates endometriosis progression 541
研究焦点 Decreased Level of Neurotrophic Factor Neuritin 1 in Women With Ovarian Endometriosis After Receiving Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Agonist Treatment 429
研究焦点 Reply to: Adhesion proteins: Suitable therapeutic targets or biomarkers of therapy response for endometriosis? 421
研究焦点 Chronic Niche Inflammation in Endometriosis-Associated Infertility: Current Understanding and Future Therapeutic Strategies 429
研究焦点 Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist induces downregulation of tensin 1 in women with endometriosis. 626
研究焦点 Women with adenomyosis are at higher risks of endometrial and thyroid cancers: A population-based historical cohort study 742
研究焦点 Pregnancy Following Robot-assisted Laparoscopic Partial Cystectomy and Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Agonist Treatment within Three Months in an Infertile Woman with Bladder Endoetriosis 523
研究焦点 Endometrial L-selectin ligand is downregulated in the mid-secretory phase during the menstrual cycle in women with adenomyosis 791
研究焦点 Gene expression of human endometrial L-selectin ligand in relation to the phases of the natural menstrual cycle 610
研究焦点 Connective tissue growth factor mediates transforming growth factor β-induced collagen expression in human endometrial stromal cells 704
研究焦点 Epidemiologic Factors Associated with Endometriosis in East Asia 683