11th Asian Congress on Endometriosis (Manila 25-26 September)

Dear friends,

On behalf of the Asian Society of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis (ASEA) board and local committee, it brings me pleasure and pride to announce that the coming 11th Asian Congress on Endometriosis (ACE) will be taking place in the charming city of Manilla, the capital of the Philippines, from September the 25th to 26th 2023.

The main theme of the coming ACE2023 is to be focused on how to transform the “lesions” to “lessons” and on how to develop multi-dimensional care of endometriosis patients, the main and utmost important target of our care as clinicians and scientists.

At a time when the agenda of most countries is crowded with raising awareness and care about other serious diseases, such as covid-19, cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, endometriosis is for some extent considered as less important and is almost absent from governments’ agenda.

With more than 170 million women (an approximate number) world-wide (probably large number of them in ASIA) of childbearing age suffer - to some degree - from endometriosis, and the accompanying pains that may sometimes be described as severe, with an increase in their fecundability and fecundity potentials, we want to bring back the attention to this debilitating and still enigmatic disease. We unfortunately still observing long delay in diagnosis, no ideal options for treatment and indeed we are lacking multi-dimensional approach to the disease and on the best way to deal with it.

Personally, I never been to Philippines, however, all indicate that The Philippines, with its pristine beaches and stunning landscapes, is a country that isn’t difficult to love. And just as a trip there will almost certainly make you fall for everything you see on its islands, so let us mix science and hard work with joy and pleasure in this country and the company of the kind and hard-working people of the Philippines.

The local organizing committee had put a lot of efforts to gather the best speakers and I am sure, we will have great debates and exchange our knowledge and experiences in fighting this ugly disease.

Do not miss this opportunity to be part of this important scientific event. 

Welcome to ACE2023 in Manilla, Philippines from September the 25th to 26th 2023.

Asian Society of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis President